FIVE Advantages

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    Industry Insight, Sharing the Future

    Prowell has accumulated rich experience in developing products in cooperation with many well-known nutritional and health products enterprises and food raw material suppliers worldwide, and has established a comprehensive market research system, which provides a keen insight into the global market and reliable basis for the implementation of forward-looking product strategy, so as to ensure that products are fully competitive and forward-looking.

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    Learning & Research, Mature Formulations

    Relying on the research and practice base established by its parent company Shanghai Lithy One-Health Group Technology Co.,Ltd. with famous universities and enterprises worldwide, the superior resources of Lithy Global Brand Raw Material Cooperative Alliance, and its strong R&D technology reserve and advanced production capacity, Prowell has developed to date with a number of national invention patents, and has mastered core technologies of independent intellectual property rights, at the same time created a database including nearly 2000 original product formulations.

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    Professional R&D, Intelligent Production

    Prowell R&D Center has R&D laboratory covering an area of nearly 1000 m², which is equipped with international advanced equipment and professional R&D team. Prowell owns 100,000-grade GMP pilot workshop and production workshop. Its whole process of production management is using PLM product life cycle management system, ERP enterprise resource planning system, and MES manufacturing execution system. Therefore, Prowell has realized the overall digitization and intellectualization of product visualization, data structure and other business operations.

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    Strategic Cooperation, Mutual Benefit & Prosperity

    Relying on the superior resources of the parent company, Shanghai Lithy One-Health Group Technology Co.,Ltd., Prowell builds a "alliance + complementarity + win-win" cooperation model through one-stop service: raw material selection, formulation R&D, process development, quality control, product incubation, resource allocation, production and operation, marketing; and brand-wide service: brand building, product innovation and marketing promotion, planning and implementation, market development & maintenance, marketing & operation outsourcing, together to enhance the business development space for enterprises, creating the maximum brand value.

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    Powerful Endorsement helps Development

    Relying on the strong strength of its parent company Lithy One-Health Group as credit, resources and capital endorsement, Prowell achieved leapfrog and industrial ecological development through the support of Lithy Global Brand Cooperative Alliance, Health Products Research Institute, Brand Operation Management Service and Global Industrial Cluster Production Service. In the future, Prowell will take "Technological Innovation" and "Internationalization" as its core development strategy, strengthen its regional core leadership, and become a "key participant" in the development of this industry, and contribute to the "Health China 2030" national strategy!

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