Prowell Nutriceutical Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Shanghai Lithy One-Health Group Technology Co.,Ltd. Prowell was founded in 2005, owning a R&D and production base in Fengxian Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone, Shanghai.
It is a well-known global health nutrition food contract R&D and production service provider. Prowell owns a production and storage area of 15,500 m². The R&D and production base is certified by GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, export production license and other quality systems, and is equipped with PLM, ERP, MES and other automated advanced production management systems. Its product quality is internationally qualified.
Prowell's production covers various fields such as health food and dietary/nutritional food. It owns core technologies and patent certification of independent intellectual property rights. Its products include solid beverage, liquid beverage, jelly, tablet candy and tea.

Prowell provides one-stop technical services for customers: raw material selection, formulation research and development, process development, quality control, product incubation, resource allocation, production and operation, and etc. to create unique, high-quality products with competitive advantages in the market for customers. 

At the same time, Prowell, as a resource-exporting enterprise, provides mature solutions for the whole industrial chain, provides higher value for enterprises and leads industrial upgrading.

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